External Investigation and Recovery

Posted on Jul 24th 2020

Construction Project Management

Third-party damages happen for a wide range of reasons. The PRG Outside Plant Damage investigation and recovery program covers them all. Last June in New York City, a contractor was welding a steel road plate over a manhole opening when sparks ignited wooden timbers and cable conduit wiring that contained utilities for multiple companies. Firefighters extinguished the fire an hour later but the damage was extensive: a burnt mass of wires, coax, fiber and melted conduit below the charred timbers and burnt pavement.

The PRG external investigation and recovery team was on the scene assessing the scene, initiating damage recoveries, educating local contractors and integrating with both state agencies and the 811 community.

PRG has a proven track record of success for resolving damage claims effectively.  Learn more about this unique program by contacting our team.