Pole Transfers

One-touch pole transfer experts

Pole Transfers

Pole transfer projects can be a logistical nightmare but, with the help of PRG coordinating across multiple municipalities and data providers, the process is streamlined and compliance headaches are reduced immeasurably. From permitting to applications to make-ready to final compliance and quality control, PRG will manage all phases of the pole transfer process, ensuring that the needs of all involved parties are met with minimal to no service interruption.

Through the use of existing databases, PRG’s skilled team of project coordinators institute a proactive approach that leads to an efficient workflow. With the goal of a one-touch make-ready process, PRG synchronizes activities between all entities involved with the pole and coordinates the move in a single deployment.

PRG’s pole transfer process includes:

  • Proper notification to all parties
  • Acquisition of any required permits, applications or amendments
  • Negotiation of pole attachment fees for the most desirable pole placement
  • Proactive communication with pole owners
  • Tracking (NJUNS) to coordinate the transfer
  • Monitoring process from start to finish to ensure equipment is relocated properly
  • “Make ready” includes pole transfer compliance so that any new equipment can be attached

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