Network Expansion

PRG has a national footprint with experts in all phases of network expansion


The health of any network depends upon its ability to expand to meet current needs while anticipating where demand will be in the coming years. Efficient expansion is vital to the success of any network operator. Missed deadlines, unreached goals, unsecured resources and a lack of accountability can adversely affect your projects.

PRG has a national footprint with experts in all phases of network expansion, overbuilds and upgrades, including MDU/MTU network design and build management. From forecasting and walkouts to analytics and quality control, we have the knowledge and experience required to ensure that you are always building toward a profitable future. Whether meeting with prospective site owners to foster a shared understanding of opportunities or working through all make-ready, DOT, railroad and local municipality permitting requirements, PRG is currently helping the largest players in the industry expand their footprint.

PRG's strong industry presence allows us to remain up-to-date and ahead of the curve on available technology. Through interfacing with local builders and business owners, we help to define areas for potential growth, enabling you to focus on implementing your infrastructure. With the help of effective contractor management, our quality control program ensures that each and every project scope and specification is achieved, on-time and on-budget.


Key Personnel

Construction project managers, field supervisors and materials management coordinators with real field experience.

Construction Coordination

Maximizing the output and value of field personnel.


Walkout validation to ensure the most cost-efficient routing and implementation.

Analytical Reporting

Up-to-the-minute reporting, customized for your project.


Program Manager

Visibility over multiple projects from start to finish to ensure project goals, timelines and budgets are met.

Project Manager/Liaison

Meets with utilities, MSO's, and local government/permitting agencies to coordinate timing and collaborative efforts, including project schedules. Works with developers and builders in commercial and residential locations.

Field Supervisor

Day-to-day field operations management involves working with utilities and contractors in the field. Verifies right of ways, safety and compliance, while coordinating scheduling for contractors.

Construction Coordinator

Verifies design/as-builts, ensures quality control, coordinates and approves contractor invoicing.

Materials Management Coordinator

Manages proactive ordering principles, eliminates waste and ensures materials are in the right place at the right time.


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