Forced Relocation Recovery


Maintaining the internal resources to research and manage a wide range of forced relocation projects can be a daunting task. 

With PRG’s Forced Relocation (FRELO) Recovery Program, the control is in your hands. PRG can scale a custom FRELO program to meet your needs, saving you time and money while maximizing returns. 

PRG can facilitate the recouping of loss brought on by forced relocation through effective project management. With the help of custom applications designed to streamline the relocation process, we put the maximum amount back in your pocket.

PRG's Utility Relocation Program includes:

  • Dedicated research personnel to determine reimbursements

  • All DOT, federal, state and municipality projects

  • Project authorization packet

  • Coordination with requesting party that includes cost estimates

  • Moderated negotiation of terms for both parties

  • Pre-construction agreement executed with outlined costs

  • Handling of all invoicing and recouping of costs associated with project completion