AIR (Power)

PRG Aerial Infrastructure Reconnaissance (Power)

Recent technological and safety advancements have resulted in the increase of drone use for industrial applications and preventative maintenance. The PRG Aerial Infrastructure Reconnaissance (AIR) program supports our partners with a variety of capabilities involving the inspection of towers, transformers and poles. Close inspections of the features in remote area structures (fuses, neutral lines, and pole integrity) can be accessed through a customizable reporting system that includes incidents of animal damage or natural disasters. Encroachment inspections involve the identification of vegetation and limbs infringing on utilities. The latest in thermal imaging tools use temperature range analysis to detect abnormalities and determine corrective maintenance.

PRG’s experienced FAA-certified pilots ensure adherence to government guidelines and safety measures. Our cost-effective approach to quality assurance and preventative maintenance results in significant cost savings over the long run.

Customized, Cost-Effective Aerial Inspections
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Program Features:

  • Two-member team of FAA 107 certified pilots
  • Strict adherence to FAA regulations
  • Local authority notifications
  • Customized reporting/updates
  • Multiple drone varieties to address the specific needs of each project
  • Multiple camera configurations
  • FLIR system with visual overlay for thermal imaging
  • Equipment and area temperature comparisons


Tower inspections include standard assessments, remote area evaluations and post-natural disaster analysis.


Pole integrity and transformer assessments include analysis of fuses, neutral lines, the effects of weather and animal damage.


Encroachment inspections involve a systematic identification of potential threats to company utilities from nearby vegetation and limbs.


Temperature range analysis is used to detect abnormalities and determine proper corrective maintenance.